Landscape IPM Advisory 2008- landscape

2008 – Bark Beetles, Cankerworm, Galls, Leaf Scorch

2008 Landscape Advisories

September 4

Cankers on Dogwood, Pear Slug, Slime Flux
cankers on red-twig dogwood, pear slug, slime flux, spruce spider mite

August 14

Leaf Scorch
moisture-induced leaf scorch on hardwoods, honeylocust spider mite, tar spot on maple, ips bark beetles

July 31

Chokecherry Gall Midge, Maple Twig Borer, Birch Catkin Bug
chokecherry gall midge, maple twig borer, linden aphid, birch catkin bug

July 10

Sycamore Plant Bug, Scales, Red Fire Bug, Black Knot
sycamore plant bug, european elm scale, lecanium scale, scale treatment, red fire bug – new to Utah, black knot, fletcher scale, degree days and pest monitoring timeline

June 26

Verticillium Wilt, Root Weevils
verticllium wilt, root weevils, western poplar clearwing borer, european pine shoot moth, degree days and pest monitoring

June 19

Leaf Galls
leaf galls, elm leafminer, oystershell scale, bronze birch borer, ash leafcurl aphid, fletcher scale

June 6

Cankerworms, Rose Leafhopper, Copper Underwing
cankerworms, aphids, rose leafhopper, copper underwing

May 29

Bronze Birch Borer, Woolly Beech Aphid
bronze birch borer, rose slug sawfly, woolly beech aphid, lilac/ash borer, birch leafminer, sycamore anthracnose, fire blight, pine needle scale, degree days and pest monitoring timeline

May 15

Ash Plant Bug, Pine Needle Scale
ash plant bug, pine needle scale, degree days and pest monitoring

May 8

Insecticide Classes
Lilac/ash borer, honeysuckle witches’ broom aphid, cankerworm, dothistroma needle blight, insecticide classes, degree days

May 1

How to Read a Pesticide Label
white pine weevil, birch leafminer, honeylocust plant bug, cottonwood leaf beetle, snowball aphid, powdery mildew, How to Read a Pesticide Label, insect monitoring, degree days

April 17

Bark Beetles, Western Tent Caterpillar
bark beetles, european pine shoot moth, juniper flowers, cooley spruce gall adelgid, western tent caterpillar, cankerworm, degree days and pest monitoring timeline

April 10

Fungus, Winter Injury
sycamore anthracnose, cankerworm eggs, fungus, winter injury, wildlife damage, insect monitoring, current degree days, understanding degree days and indicator plants

April 3

Dormant Oil Sprays, Reducing Ornamental Fruiting, Soil Testing
dormant oil sprays, spruce spider mite, scale, degree days, reducing fruit production on ornamental plants, weather information, soil testing