Landscape IPM Advisory 2013- landscape

2013 – Aphids, Borers, Scale, Phytotoxicity

2013 Landscape Advisories

July 25

Prevent Phytotoxicity, Chinese Longhorned Beetle, Bacterial Leaf Scorch
prevent phytotoxicity, Chinese longhorned beetle, cooley spruce gall adelgid, phytophthora, locust borer, honeylocust spider mite, oystershell scale, bronze birch borer, ash flower gall, iron deficiency, bacterial leaf scorch

July 5

Bee Kill and Pesticide Ban, Black Pineleaf Scale, Western Poplar Clearwing
Dinotefuran Pesticide Ban in Oregon, black pineleaf scale, European pine shoot moth, verticillium wilt, root weevils, leafcutter bee, western poplar clearwing, European elm and lecanium scale, spider mites

May 17

Ash Leafcurl Aphid, Borers
pine needle scale, winter injury of conifers, ash leafcurl aphid, fire blight, powdery mildew, bronze birch borer, lilac-ash borer, flatheaded appletree borer