Fruit IPM Advisory 2013- fruit

2013 – Frost Injury, Fire Blight, Invasive Pests

2013 Fruit Advisories

November 4

Bees in the Orchard, Vole Management, Post-Harvest Apple Disorders
The Role of Native Bees in Fruit Tree Management, Vole Management in Orchards, Basic orchard chores, Image Galleries of Apple Injury and Disorders and Harvest and Post-Harvest

October 11

Invasive Pest Updates, Brown Rot on Peach
spotted wing drosophila, brown marmorated stink bug, blister and rust mites, cherry powdery mildew, pear psylla, coryneum blight, brown rot, preventing peach split pits

July 26

Codling Moth, Apple Maggot
codling moth, woolly apple aphid, pear psylla, peach twig borer, greater peachtree borer, western cherry fruit fly, walnut husk fly, apple maggot

July 3

Codling Moth, Peach Twig Borer, Leafroller, Earwigs
codling moth, leafhopper, peach twig borer, greater peachtree borer, cherry fruit fly, stink bugs, leafroller, walnut husk fly, CAPS program

June 14

Identifying Peachtree Borer, Leafrollers, Raspberry Horntail
fire blight, identifying greater peachtree borer, obliquebanded leafroller, raspberry horntail

June 7

Fire Blight, Woolly Apple Aphid, Peach Twig Borer, Thinning
codling moth, fire blight, San Jose scale dates, woolly apple aphid, peach twig borer, greater peachtree borer, western cherry fruit fly, cherry powdery mildew, iron chlorosis, thinning

May 17

Codling Moth Spray Timings
codling moth spray timings

May 10

Codling Moth, Fire Blight, Woolly Apple Aphid
new codling moth spray dates, fire blight, rosy apply aphid, woolly apple aphid, green peach aphid, thrips, coryneum blight

April 18

Assessing Frost Injury
dormant sprays, copper, frost injury

April 5

Dormant Sprays, Frost Protection
dormant sprays, purchase tree fruit production guide, frost protection