Landscape IPM Advisory 2007- landscape

2007 – Scales, Budworm, Verticillium Wilt

2007 Landscape Advisories

October 29

Fall Cankerworm, Poplar Twig Gall Fly, Spruce Stress
fall cankerworm, poplar twig gall fly, aphids, western conifer seed bug, soft scales, cooley spruce gall adelgid, slime flux, leaf spots, sycamore anthracnose, needle drop of conifers, stresses of spruces, watering and fertilizing, planting, soil prep

August 31

Poplar Borer, Prionus Root Borer
leafhoppers, aphids, poplar borer, prionus root borer, powdery mildew

August 10

Dagger Moth, Poplar and Willow Borer
dagger moth, katydid eggs, poplar and willow borer

July 27

Pearslug, Raspberry Horntail, Bark Beetles
pearslug, lilac leafminer, raspberry horntail, engraver beetles and Ips bark beetles

July 20

White Pine Weevil, Phyophthora, Leaf Spots
Spidermites, white pine weevil, phytophthora root rot of juniper, leaf spots

July 12

Woolly Beech Aphid, Earwig, Leaf Scorch
Woolly beech aphid, earwig, spider mites, willow rosette gall midge, cooley spruce gall adelgid, pine needle scale, european pine shoot moth, leaf scorch

June 27

Cottony Maple Scale, Leafcutter Bee, Honeysuckle Aphid
cottony maple scale, european pine shoot moth, euonymus scale, lilac root weevil, leafcutter bees, honeylocust spider mite, honeysuckle aphid, aspen leaf spot

June 21

Aphids, Mossy Rose Gall
Two-spotted spider mite, lecanium scale, elm cockscomb aphid, snowball aphid, honeysuckle aphid, giant willow aphid, mossy rose gall

June 7

Bronze Birch Borer, Verticillium Wilt
Elm leaf beetle, two-spotted spider mite, bronze birch borer, lecanium scale, honeylocust plant bug, rose stem girdler, verticillium wilt, coryneum blight

June 1

Elm Leaf Beetle, Euonymus Scale, Spider Mites
Elm leaf beetle, euonymus scale, lilac root weevil, two-spotted spider mite, spruce spider mite

May 25

Striped Mealybug, Spittle Bug, Sycamore Anthracnose
Striped mealybug, spittle bug, honeylocust plant bug, sycamore plant bug, lecanium scale, lace bug, cooley spruce gall adelgid, sycamore anthracnose

May 17

Cankerworm, Leafminer, Drought Stress
Cankerworm, oystershell scale, elm leafminer, pine needle scale, drought stress

May 3

Cankerworm, Leafroller, Powdery Mildew
Cankerworm, leafroller, powdery mildew

April 26

Lecanium Scale, Frost Damage
Cooley spruce gall adelgid, European pine shoot moth, lecanium scale, poplar twig gall, cankerworm, frost damage

April 19

Western Spruce Budworm, Cooley Spurce Gall, Cytospora
Western spruce budworm, aphids, cooley spruce gall adelgid, leaf-curling aphids, western tent caterpillar, cankerworm, cytospora on poplar

April 12

Scale Insects, Pine Shoot Moth
scale insects, european pine shoot moth, thrips, aphids, powdery mildew